One of Ms. K’s emails to me before her shoot asked “I’m really tall, a bit of a string bean, do you have any outfits that will work on me?”. I responded, “Well, first off, don’t call yourself a string bean, and second, YES! I have outfits to fit anyone! You’ll look amazing.”. But I knew I had to get my hands on her, and show her. We never see ourselves the way others see us.

During hair and makeup, and even moreso after her shoot, Ms. K confided in me a bit and told me she always felt different from other girls and never felt truly sexy. Just tall and a little nerdy. I was so overjoyed to be able to show her that she is absolutely gorgeous,  and that so many fashion designers would kill to fit her body type. She has such gorgeous, model-like features, and is definitely a sensual/ sexual goddess. She was a total dream to photograph, and I hope I get her in front of my camera more than once.

Ms. K was so wonderful, real, and down to earth. Of course I loved shooting with her, but I also loved spending time with her. We related on so many levels. When I saw her t-shirt I knew she was my kind of woman… strong, feminist, and opinionated. Yes girl!

I got this sweet email from Ms. K after she came back in to choose her photos, “Hi Tamara, Just wanted to tell you I am watching this video on repeat!! I am so stunned by your work, thank you so much. I don’t know that I have ever viewed my body so positively! You gave me the gift of seeing myself through someone else’s eyes, thank you so so much! This has gone such a long way in helping me get over the feeling of my body only being out to kill me (long term health issue), thank you, you made me feel like a sexy goddess!” -Ms. K

Thanks Ms. K for letting me share!


Hair and makeup by LaDonna Stein