the only time is now I’ve never paid much attention to these silly inspirational quotes I see on Pinterest, until I came across this one. It resonated with me on so many different levels. With business decisions, life decisions, love, and it also relates so much to my clients. We put so much stress on ourselves trying to decide when is the best time to make that leap. When is the best time to go back to school? When is the best time to start my own business? When is the best time to ask for a divorce? When is the best time to do something to make myself happy? Am I ready?

We all know deep down the decisions that we need to make to better our lives, but sometimes it’s just so scary. I felt this way for a long time when I was considering being self employed. There were so many “what if’s” it was mind boggling. The day I said “NOW” is the day I freed myself. I’ve never looked back and could never imagine myself doing anything other than owning a boudoir studio.

I felt this way about marrying my husband, I felt this way about moving to Kansas City, I felt this way about moving to Dallas. Every time I had to take a deep breath and say “NOW”.

So many of my clients have felt the same (so did I) about their boudoir shoots. There have been several occasions when on the phone with a woman, she would say “I’ve thought about doing this for a long time and I’ve never really been ready. So I’m giving you my card number so the shoot is on the books and I can’t change my mind.” And guess what? Not a single one has ever looked back and regretted their decision.

What do we really have to lose when it comes to these life altering decisions? I know, some may not consider a boudoir shoot a life altering decision, but I do. And so many of my clients do. It’s a decision to let go, be vulnerable, and put yourself out there. You’re taking a chance on letting yourself feel absolutely amazing. There is no such thing as ready, there is only NOW.