Since the first post (Iceland Part I) I’ve gotten a lot of questions like “Why did you go on that trip?”, “What was it for?”. To explain it plainly, I needed to get out of my comfortable studio bubble. 

Before I moved to Texas four and a half years ago, I used to shoot outside, and in different lighting situations more often. Texas is wonderful in so many ways, but it’s very difficult to find any private, and visually inspiring landscapes without manmade structures in them. We don’t have any secluded easily accessible bodies of water, mountains, or unique nature that would be good for photographing artistic nudes within an hour of Dallas. I’ve gotten into a habit of photographing things the same way, in the same studio environment, and felt like I had forgotten how to see things from a truly artistic perspective. My first step out of my comfort zone this year was my personal project photoshoot at the waterfall in Maui in June, and not far after came this Iceland nude workshop. Continuing my photography education, whether it be inside or outdoors, helps me give my clients in studio a better experience.

All of my clients and their spouses ask me how I decided on boudoir photography for my profession. So the story goes…. about 10 years ago I went to a nature and exposure photography workshop in Montana at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. There they taught us how to work with a variety of different natural light situations, how to adjust for landscapes versus people, shooting macro photos, and more. I’m sure you can imagine the incredible backdrops Montana provided us. At this workshop I met a friend, who 6 months or so later, invited me to go to a boudoir photography workshop with her in San Diego. This boudoir workshop was my very first introduction to photographing people properly, and I fell in love. I haven’t looked back since. But, long story short, my love for gorgeous landscapes and women have been with me for most of my adult life.

When I started following Corwin Prescott on Instagram, I was surprised to see someone executing the combination of fine art nudes, femininity, and epic landscapes into one in a way that resonated so perfectly with me. It had been years since I had taken my last photography (not business related) workshop, and I was casually on the look-out for a unique trip. I’ve always thought the landscapes of Iceland were awe inspiring, so when Corwin announced the next “Arctic Nude”, it was a no brainer.

It took 2 full days of shooting in Iceland (the grouping of photos below are mostly from day 2) until I realized that my eyes were opening back up (metaphorically). I was starting to see things in a different way. Being able to photograph everyday, amazing women in a studio setting, and helping them re-gain their confidence is my passion, no doubt about it. But it’s also great to be able to do something completely different with no responsibility to anyone but myself. I feel like combining the two makes me a more complete artist. I get to take my skills from both in the studio, and outside and use those to compliment each other. For instance, I am able to help direct the models outside in a way that is flattering to them, while also being able to step back and take in the entire scene artistically. And in the studio, I am able to pull from my experience working with those models to add more unique poses to my arsenal, and include more artistic edits for my clients.

Location #1 from this post are all of the photos in, what we so affectionately called, the “Leach Pond”, and moody photos of the cloudy mountain behind the models. (and yes, there are small leaches in it)  The wind at this location was quite intense, but besides that it was very unique. I love that each location had its own set of challenges. To the left was a violent sea crashing on the rocks, and to the right was a lighthouse. On this lookout point was this strange little leach pond that made for the most amazing photo location with the mountains in the background.

The location #2 photos are all in the black sand dunes along a beach under Vesterhorn Mountain. This was unlike anything I had ever seen before. As far as your eyes could see in the thick fog, there were these strange, black sand dunes covered in straw-like grasses. You couldn’t tell which way the mountains were, or how close to the water we were. I’m glad we had a guide at this location because it was definitely a bit disorienting. The photographers all had to stand back a bit to ensure we wouldn’t ruin the photos with hundreds of footprints in the sand. Here we got to play with abstract posing the most. Just as we were packing up to leave I yelled “Wait! Look! The mountain is out!”. The clouds started to clear just enough where we could see the mountain, and of course had to snag a few last shots.

Stay tuned over the next week for my next blog posts with the rest of the Iceland nude photos including Icelandic ponies, icebergs, and a unique geologic phenomena occurring in volcanic areas.


Models: SayHelloJess, Alice X, Lillias Right, Nicole Vaunt, and Icelandic Selkie

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