Ms. J is a good boudoir photographer friend of mine who owns a successful studio in Tennessee. I love spending hours talking business with her, and even better, hanging out when we’re in Las Vegas or different trip together. When she said she was up for a shoot with me while we were there I got so excited! I knew shooting this badass boss babe was going to be so much fun.

Before we got to Vegas, Ms. J reminded me that she isn’t a girly girl and doesn’t wear lots of frilly lingerie. So right away I picked out this red leather jacket for her, and knew we needed to shoot it on the balcony of the hotel room. I told her my idea for some gritty smoking shots and she was absolutely down for it. We paired her look with some incredibly sexy thigh high leather boots and BAM! Badass Boss Babe was ready for her closeup. This look fits her “to a T” in her personal life, and as a business owner.

While Ms. J and I were shooting, Ms. C (from the previous blog post) was inside getting her makeup done by LaDonna. It was so fun to pop in and show them an occasional fantastic booty shot from the back of the camera, and then have all of us hooting and hollering about how hot she looked. My little crew of boudoir ladies is the best for building each other up and making you feel amazing about yourself. They’re the best!

I’m so glad to have Ms. J in my tight knit little girl-gang of boudoir photographers.

Thanks for letting me share Ms. J!