It took what seemed like forever to go through all of 2017’s boudoir photos to choose the best ones. It was damn near impossible! I had so many amazing clients, and I feel so lucky. Here are my pics for our best boudoir photos of 2017!

“We love the ladies!”

A lot of these photos haven’t even been shared yet! We haven’t had time to do blog posts for all of this gorgeousness just yet, so there will be some new surprise photos in there for you!

This year I got to photograph all sorts of women for so many reasons. Single ladies, new brides, career women, moms, grandmas, doctors, yogis, survivors, devoted wives, newly divorced gals, and many more. They did shoots for someone special, but even more did it for themselves. It warms my heart to looks through these photos and think of all the things these women said during and after their shoots. There was a whole lot of confidence built, self love embraced, and sensuality rediscovered.

I hired Ellie, the studio assistant this year. LaDonna and Chantee made everyone as glam as they always do. We had some super fun girl’s nights like “The Art of Seduction”, did a lingerie sale, and hosted a makeup class. I also went to Las Vegas and Seattle for a little fun and photoshoots. And I had some of my best boudoir photographer friends visit me, then I went to them! It’s been a ridiculously busy but fulfilling year.

Thank you ladies for making my 2017 so unforgettable. 2018 is going to be even better! I can already tell! Stay tuned for all the new announcements we have coming up for travel, girls nights, and new photoshoot types!

Thank you everyone! I love you all so much!


Best Boudoir Photos of 2017