I love getting brides in the studio and hearing all about their planning process. A sexy, personalized groom’s gift is something he will remember forever. After talking to Ms. L about her earthy style, I knew bohemian bridal boudoir was the way to go.

Are you crossing tasks off endless to-do lists, frantically pouring over invitations and seating arrangements, all while somehow trying to maintain your sanity? Wedding planning can be so stressful! Luckily, finding the perfect gift for your partner doesn’t have to be.

Pro tip: Book your shoot appointment at least 6 weeks out from your wedding date. It takes up to 4 weeks to get your album back from the printer. Plan ahead just to be safe!

Bridal boudoir is becoming increasingly popular, and I, for one, am thrilled to see so many women taking the plunge into the world of boudoir to celebrate themselves! A boudoir photoshoot can be such a strong act of self-love; it is so important to me to help women embrace their sensuality and feel confident in their skin. A bridal boudoir shoot can be just as empowering for you. Plus, you get the bonus of sharing your experience with your partner – a timeless gift neither of you will ever forget.

The Shoot

My favorite part of bridal boudoir is just how different each of my brides-to-be are. If you think bridal boudoir is all classic lingerie and white veils, you’d be wrong! While I have a selection of both in the studio wardrobe to choose from, I want to make each bridal boudoir shoot as beautiful and unique as my bridal clients. Ms. L was no exception!

Bohemian Bridal Boudoir

Ms. L came in for her shoot and we talked about her style and what we thought would look best. I just created the new set with plants and the wicker egg chair hanging from the ceiling, so when I heard that she had an earthy style, I knew a bohemian bridal boudoir shoot was the way to go. We chose the flowy off-white bodysuit from the closet that paired perfectly with all the green.

We made time for a few more traditional bridal boudoir photos, pairing a classic lace veil with an ultra-feminine bra and panty set. The polka dots, scalloped edges, and pops of pink are so cute and unexpected! We also wanted to make time for a few darker, sultry looks on the black bed – because, of course! 😉

I always ask my brides to bring in their veil, wedding shoes, or anything else that’s special to them that they’d like to capture in a sexy little album.

Thank you so much for letting me share, Ms. L!

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