Ms. A had been following me for a while on social media and had been considering doing a shoot for even longer. When she saw a Black Friday mini-session sale I ran last year, she jumped right on it, and booked herself a spot. But unfortunately life happened… and we needed to go another route.

Ms. A ended up breaking her wrist pretty badly right before her mini session date, so we had to reschedule for a later date. As time went on into this year while her wrist healed, we chatted about her options, and I’m so happy I was able to convince her to switch over to a full session. After her experience she agreed, and was so glad she had several hours to get comfortable, ¬†and create some gorgeous photos together. We were both happy to not be rushed and on a time crunch. (which is also why I won’t be running any more mini session sales)

Ms. A told LaDonna and I that she didn’t dress up a whole lot, and didn’t do makeup very often, so she was excited to see what we would end up with. LaDonna did a gorgeous natural glam boudoir look, that paired perfectly with Ms. A’s eyes. I pulled some fun natural looking outfits out of the closet. But I was so surprised to see that Ms. A chose the pink Honey Birdette bra and garter belt set out as one of her top choices. She fell so in love with that she went to Honey Birdette’s site and ordered one for herself. I don’t blame her, I love their outfits too!

Ms. A and I had the best time, and I think her photos turned out absolutely gorgeous! Thanks Ms. A for trusting me and letting me share!