Ms. D has been through the ringer in the past few years but decided she was done waiting to do something uplifting for herself. She booked a boudoir shoot even though she was nervous, took the leap, and didn’t regret it one bit.

When Ms. D emailed initially to get some information about boudoir shoots, she told me a bit about herself and said she looked into this a few years ago as a gift for her husband, but then he passed away. She wishes she had done a shoot for him before he became ill, but decided she had waited long enough, and it was time now. She also told me that she was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy a few years ago and just doesn’t love her smile anymore. I knew immediately that this woman was perfect for a shoot with me. She had been through a lot of ups and downs, good and bad, and more than deserved this for herself, and only herself. It was my goal from there on out to remind her how gorgeous and wonderful she is, and the she does have a beautiful smile.

LaDonna worked her magic in hair and makeup, and I could tell Ms. D was already getting excited and not nearly as nervous as she was when she booked her appointment. When we started shooting she so easily got into the groove, and impressed me with her epically perfect booty pops. She had that strong, confident, feminine energy lying just barely beneath the surface and just needed an excuse to let it back out. I loved working with her and could not have asked for a sweeter client.

This is what Ms. D had to say about her experience- “What was to be a gift for my husband became a gift for myself. I now see myself through his eyes. He is smiling from above on the awesome photos. You are an excellent and professional photographer that makes a woman feel naturally beautiful, comfortable and sexy in her own body. I will always cherish the experience and photos.” -Ms. D

Ms. D is not letting anything get in her way anymore and is taking life by the horns. I hope to see her again soon!


Boudoir for Women Over 50