I’m going to need a drumroll for this next Vegas boudoir blog post, featuring burlesque bombshell, performer, artist, and vintage style icon Bettina May! This gorgeous gal was a dream to shoot, and I’m so excited to share our photos with you!

Burlesque Bombshell

It’s no secret that I love vintage lingerie, burlesque, and everything sultry and girly. I’ve followed Bettina May on Instagram for years, so when a mutual friend suggested that we shoot together while I was in town, I was so excited! Bettina looked me up and loved my work, so we set up all the details! We ended up deciding to schedule her shoot on her birthday, so the day was even more special!!

LaDonna, our makeup artist, was even more excited to get ahold of Bettina. LaDonna specializes in vintage styles and had also followed Bettina’s vintage styling videos from years ago. She did her best teased, formed, old hollywood wave in the hair. It paired perfectly with the cat eyeliner and red lips. Is there anything more vintage and burlesque than than combo?

The textures and colors of the Las Vegas desert are so inspiring – and with a muse like the incomparable Bettina May┬áin front of my lens, I couldn’t wait to begin our Vegas boudoir shoot! This dry lake bed is one that we’ve shot at several times, and it never disappoints. This day was perfect though. Normally the Vegas desert is freezing and windy in February (when we go every year), but this was a nice change with some sunshine and light breezes!

It’s so fun to work with someone who has all of their own poses and movements, especially a dancer! I got to instruct her a bit like I normally do, but it was also great to just give her an idea and let her run with it. I love working with someone who isn’t afraid of their hips, and ready to fully cheese it up. It shows in camera when the subject is ready to go all out with the expressions and movements.

Happy birthday Bettina, and thanks so much for a fun day!


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