We’ve teased and you’ve waited – our new service is finally here! Paskey Boudoir is now offering night time, candlelight boudoir sessions!

Candlelight Boudoir

I’ve wanted to offer candle lit boudoir shoots for a while now, and after entirely too long, it’s finally here for you to to book! Ellie and I went and bought a million candles, I ordered a special adjustable light, and prepared the mantle on the green set for us to shoot by. We can shoot this almost anywhere in the studio, but I think it looks especially warm and sultry on the mahogany wood!

Luckily, past client Ms. K agreed to be my muse for the first candlelit shoot. Our studio has incredible natural light during the day, but for our candle lit boudoir shoot, we waited to begin until evening, so we could have plenty of shots back lit by only the candles. They gave the perfect amount of warm light to highlight just the edges of her face and body. She is absolutely stunning!

How To Book

These sessions are booked separately and differently from our normal boudoir shoots. Candle light boudoir sessions will have a non-refundable retainer fee of $450 (includes hair & makeup, and wardrobe), and image pricing is standard. These shoots must be scheduled during weekday evenings starting at around 5:30pm. Please be advised that these sessions look best with at least some nudes, and extensive retouching is not always feasible.

If you’re interested in reserving your own night time candlelit photoshoot, click here to contact us or give us a call at 214.789.9383. Be sure to let us know when booking that you would like to have a candlelight shoot!

I can’t wait to shoot some past clients for a new, totally different look, and get some brand new clients in! These shoots are incredibly sultry and provocative! Great for wall art! (wink wink)