“I can’t believe that’s me!” Mrs. K kept saying at her photo ordering session. She was so giddy about her shoot, and it’s safe to say her husband was all smiles as well. Her photos are absolutely gorgeous and it’s easy to see why they took them all home! 

“I can’t believe that’s me!”- Dallas Boudoir Photography

When Ms. K booked her boudoir shoot it was at the request of her husband. He was the one that originally found me online, and HAD to have his wife photographed by me. It’s always so cool when husband’s are this excited! I think Mrs. K was a little nervous to do the shoot, but more excited than anything. She kept saying, “Whatever you think! This is for him!”, but in the end, she definitely did the shoot for herself too. She left that day smiling ear to ear and so bouncy. I think I also recall hearing a “Hell yes! I look good!”.

LaDonna and I were absolutely dumbfounded when Mrs. K told us she was 47. We praised her for her great genes and skin care routine! She looked amazing! After hair and makeup we picked out a few outfits, which at the least needed to include her jeans for a “girl next door” look, and her gorgeous Christian Louboutin boots that paired perfectly with the black lace gown. Mrs. K (and of course the Mr.) were excited to shoot some tasteful nudes towards the end of the shoot too. She absolutely rocked everything we shot together!

Mr. and Mrs. K were both so great, down to earth, and easy to talk to. They told us about their jobs, their 3 kids, their dogs, and vacations. I loved getting to know them. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if every couple was this wonderful! Next, I just need to convince them to do a couples boudoir shoot! I’m so glad they loved all of the photos and I can’t wait to see them again!

Thank you Mrs. and Mr. K!



Mrs. K’s cheeks hurt after she looked at her 12×12 album for the first time! She’s the cutest!

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