Couples Boudoir is one of my absolute favorite things to photograph. I love seeing a couples passion for one another, and making them comfortable enough to let me capture that in camera.

Mr. and Mrs. S contacted me because they had a big anniversary coming up, and wanted to do something really unique, something that helped keep that spark alive. They definitely didn’t need any help with that spark, because it’s still very much a blazing fire. (I’m all about cheesiness when it comes to the mushy stuff. I love it.) So, we scheduled their shoot to be ON their anniversary! It worked out perfectly!

We started off with some regular boudoir photos with Mrs. S alone while her hubs was out doing some errands (I’ll share later in a separate blog post), and then he joined us for the second half of the shoot. She was already feeling gorgeous and confident, and I think it made them both even more excited about the shoot. She looked radiant and knew they were going to have the best anniversary yet.

When Mrs. S changed into the black lingerie set during their photos together, we joked about how much self control he has, and how stoic he was acting, considering the uber sexy circumstances. He said “This is way harder than you think!”. I’m sure it was! They were up for anything  and we were on the same page of keeping it tasteful, but definitely hinting at something a little more on the sensual side.

We really had an amazing shoot. These two were so much fun, and I’m so glad I got to share in their special day!

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. S!

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