Courtney Crave and I are at it again! She’s our favorite pink haired, modern day Bettie Page. A lot of you will remember Courtney from our “Art of Seduction Girls’ Night” last year where she instructed us on how to best seduce our partners. But you also might have seen her photo hanging as a metal print in the studio, or in my portfolio from one of our other past shoots. She is one of very few professional models I will work with, and for good reason. She is an international fetish model, aerial performer, burlesque producer, and piercing suspension artist.

Our very first shoot together was about 3 years ago when she helped me break in the bigger studio in Dallas, then again a few months after that to create some fun boudoir videos, then this most recent time before last Christmas to create some gorgeous Bettie Page inspired photos. You might wonder why the green corner of the studio looks strange in this set of photos, but that is because we did this shoot before I re-designed it with the new bathtub, wicker chair, and vintage lights. Yes, it has taken me 10 or 11 months to post this session. I suppose it’s a good thing that I don’t have a ton of time to work on blog posts, right? I also took a bit of time posting because I planned on submitting the photos to be published in a magazine.┬áMy boudoir photography association, AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers), always runs contests and I ended up winning one late last year. After that they offered me the cover and a few photos inside their “Vendor Appreciation” edition of their Philosophie magazine. I was so honored to be on the cover! They also gave me a few photos inside the magazine as well. *Scroll to the bottom of the page to see those photos.

LaDonna Stein, my main makeup artist, is the one who originally introduced me to Courtney, because she knew we’d get along swimmingly. She was right! LaDonna did Courtney’s hair and makeup for this shoot as well. We wanted a look that would work with Courtney’s amazing pink Bettie shaped wig, and something that would look good with the pink robe as well. She nailed it! It’s always a fun time working with those two.

Of course we had to shoot with my cute little pink Christmas tree too, right? Pink on pink on pink! I love it! Take those photos as a reminder that it’s time to get your Christmas shoot on the books now! Don’t wait!