Almost every single curly haired client we’ve had has asked the same question… “I have naturally curly hair. Should I straighten it before I get there? What do you want me to do with it?” 

And I always answer the same way. “Well, how do you like to wear it? What’s your favorite style?” When a client like Mrs. C answers with “I love my natural curls!”, it’s like music to my ears! Yes girl! Own those gorgeous ringlets! I would just kill for that volume and texture!

Mrs. C booked her shoot as a surprise 5 year anniversary gift for her husband, but it was definitely for herself as well. While LaDonna, our makeup artist, worked on beautifying Mrs. C we got to chat about everything from vacations, to jobs, moving, and how we all love Dallas so much! It was a great time getting to know her, but even better when we started shooting! She just blew me away with her naturally sultry eyes and perfect booty pops. Can we all just agree she has the most amazing tush? Booty goals!

At the end of the shoot we talked about either surprising her husband with the finished product, or possibly bringing him in with her to choose the photos. I love having husbands in to give their opinion, so I suggested she bring him. The day of the ordering appointment, her husband still didn’t know where she was taking him. I was so impressed with her ability to keep a secret! As we got into the studio he finally figured out what she did for their anniversary. It’s safe to say that his bright red cheeks and huge grin gave away his excitement! He kept saying “Wow, just wow!”.

I’m so glad they both loved the photos! Mrs. C was a dream to shoot and I’m so happy to be able to share some of my favorites! They are drop dead gorgeous! Now I just need to convince them to come back in for a couples boudoir shoot! 😉

Thanks for letting me share Mrs. C!


Hair and makeup by LaDonna Stein

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