I hope y’all are ready for this. (*eyebrow waggle*) Couples boudoir is one of my very favorite things to shoot. And it’s been a while since I’ve shared a couples’ session! This one is pretty steamy! Take a peek to see their whole shoot start to finish…

Couples Boudoir

I’ve said it before on the blog, and I’ll say it again: I LOVE COUPLES BOUDOIR! These types of photoshoots are so different from typical boudoir shoots. When shooting an individual woman, she and I get in our own little zone where we feed off of each other’s energy. She mirrors my movements, and wait’s for my cues. If there is anyone else in the room, we usually forget they’re there. But during a couple’s boudoir shoot, I concentrate WAY more on their chemistry with each other. I have a knack for making them comfortable grabbing on to each other while still maintaining enough self control to produce a good shoot.

Mr. & Mrs. A

Mrs. A’s first time in the studio was for a bridal boudoir shoot to gift to her husband to be on their big day. I was so excited to hear she wanted to come back – return clients are the best – and we had such a great shoot the first time around! I was even MORE excited to hear that this time, Mr. A was coming along, too! I knew this would be one super sexy couples boudoir shoot! She was so great to work with the first time, I knew having her and her now hubby in the studio would be amazing, and I was totally right. Now since Ms. A had already been shot by me, she knew what to expect and knew it would be easy for them to relax. She was able to dive right in and get in the perfect sensual mindset with her lucky other half.

You might not think it at first, but I have dealt with way more nervous men in couples boudoir shoots than women! (Mr. A wasn’t exactly one of these men though.) I totally understand – I’ve gotten pretty adept at easing nerves as a boudoir photographer! But, let me tell you guys: men have it so easy! In a male/female couples shoot, men typically don’t have to pose all that much. Plus, you’ve got your beautiful partner there, which makes everything easier. I keep couples boudoir shoots very tasteful, and focus on capturing the essence of “what could be” without crossing the line. We get pretty close though! 😉 These photos are all about making your mind race while telling a bit of a story!

If you’re thinking about booking a shoot with your other half, please email me at info@paskeyphoto.com! I can send you some details and pricing!


Thank you Mr. and Mrs. A for the sexiest shoot ever!