Friend referrals are my favorites because nothing make you feel more comfortable with this type of shoot than hearing from a trusted friend that they had an amazing experience. Ms. D was referred by her friend that came in around early 2018, and told her all about the boudoir experience in the studio.

I was so flattered when my past client raved about her experience and sent Ms. D my way. I knew right away that I would get along with her when we chatted over the phone. She has the most honest, genuine personality. It was even better when she sat down in the makeup chair and we started talking about our travels, her family, job, etc. She made me belly laugh multiple times and we both have a little bit of the same dry humor. I just adore her!

Ms. D has 3 kids but still somehow manages to stay fit. She believes that she has to take care of herself to be able to take care of her family to the best of her ability. Staying fit means staying around for her kiddos as long as possible! “Fit Chick” is part of her social media presence because she lives it all the time! But she does say that a little red wine never hurt anyone, and you still have to enjoy life to the fullest.

During our shoot we selected some of my most classic, gorgeous lingerie staples from the closet because she wanted to be able to look back on the photos in 30 years and still love them. You can’t go wrong with that black bra and garter belt outfit from Agent Provocateur. It has been one of my favorites for a long time! We also used my lovely sheer embroidered dress for something a little more soft and romantic. She was lucky enough to be one of the last to wear it before it got too thin on the sides to use anymore! I sure miss it!¬†Of course with her quirky sense of humor, she brought a rubber ducky to go with the bathtub. We had the same idea without even know it, to put the ducky right in front of her hips. So cute!

Ms. D is such a spitfire and so much fun to be around. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get to have her back in the studio for another shoot sometime soon!

And thank you Ms. K for referring her!