I had the pleasure of not only getting to photograph Ms. B a few months ago, but also getting tattooed by her. Ms. B is a tattoo artist in the Dallas area, and when I inquired with her about doing a tattoo for me, she also expressed how she’d love to do a boudoir shoot! It was perfect when we found each other!

It’s no surprise to those that know me that I love tattoos and I have several by female artists. I try to support support female artists and business owners every chance I get! I followed Ms. B for a few months and loved her style, but wasn’t entirely set on what I wanted for my next piece. One of my little hobbies at home is collecting taxidermied insects, in particular moths, butterflies, and beetles. I knew I wanted something to incorporate my love for nature, so when I finally settled on a large Spanish Luna Moth on my lower leg, I reached out to her immediately. I’ll post a photo in the IG stories, so keep an eye out!

We ended up setting her photoshoot up first, and then my tattoo the following week. When Ms. B came in for her shoot she was pretty nervous, but also super excited. She told us about her little girl, and how her body changed after having a baby, and she was ready to feel like a bombshell again. We chatted about looks, and she told LaDonna and I a bit about her style. Her styling direction was “Think about the movie ‘Almost Famous'”. I’m so glad we ended up with the middle part in her hair, with beach waves, and a smoky, sultry eye. Her boho glam style is so unique and fits her personality to a T. No bra, and barefoot, in this sheer lace dress was a no brainer for her first outfit. She felt the most like herself with this look, which is why it was the perfect start to her shoot.

As we moved throughout the shoot, I was floored by her piercing blue eyes and direct looks. She is so stunning. It also helped that she was willing to completely follow posing instructions, and relax into poses when needed. She was an absolute rockstar and I’m still so in love with her photos months later!!

Thank you Ms. B for letting me share!! I can’t wait for our next round!

**Women Only** Contact me directly if you’re interested in seeing her work and possibly getting tattooed by her!