Destination Boudoir

Destination Boudoir is one of my favorite things to photograph. I love getting out to new places and experimenting with new light and backgrounds. I was fortunate to be able to do this again when I went to Las Vegas for a photography conference in February.

Sweet Mom

Ms. T has been a Facebook friend for quite a while and has followed my work, and I’ve followed her fun life in Las Vegas from the other side of the computer screen. When we chatted about me visiting we knew we had to set something up. She was up for anything and ready to show off her ultra feminine side. She has an adorable little boy, and works her tail off to support him, so it was a nice change for her to do something for herself.

Vampy Vixen

Ms. T brought some of her own lingerie and we paired it with a few things I brought from the studio closet in Dallas. I loved the backdrop we had in the evening at the hotel, so I paired her strappy lingerie with my fuzzy glam jacket, and it was the perfect modern femme combo. Ms. T looked like a total vampy badass!

We then used a sheer VS lingerie dress to shoot in the hotel room. She was my first shoot in the room on our trip there, and I’m so glad she was up for climbing on the dining room table. Her shots in the mirror with me up on the upper level balcony are absolute fire! Can we all agree on that? Ms. T is absolutely stunning.

This was such a nice start to my trip in Vegas this year, and I can’t wait to do some more destination boudoir trips! If you have a location in mind that you want me to shoot you in, I travel! I would love to collaborate on some more unique trips!