It’s become a super fun tradition each year to go shoot boudoir in a dry lake bed in the Las Vegas desert when I go for the photography conference.

This is just part one of the desert photos because I went back with some of my favorite photographers! Stay tuned for that post in a day or two!

This year one of my makeup artists, Ms. L, went with me to Las Vegas for the annual photography conference to meet some new photographers and be around business minded people. We decided to make plans to fly in a little earlier than everyone so we could go to this dry lake bed together for a shoot. Ms. L also invited her burlesque performer friend, Ms. A, along to the shoot. Ms. A is a local burlesque performer in Las Vegas and was just a doll to work with.

We had the best time! It was amazing! I love shoots like this where I get to stretch my creative muscles. It’s so different from shooting inside the studio where everything is consistent and expected. The changing light, crazy wind, dust storms, and clouds give me so many interesting variables to work with. I’m so thankful that Ms. L and Ms. A braved the wind. It was brutal on their eyes but they wanted gorgeous shots just as much as I did! And I think we got what we were looking for! I love these photos and these ladies so much it’s just ridiculous.

I am going to be offering destination boudoir/ outdoor boudoir shoots like this more often. So ladies, if you’re interested in a shoot somewhere other than Dallas, please contact me! I love to travel and would love to do more shoots like these.


Dry Lake Bed Boudoir 2017 from Paskey Boudoir on Vimeo.


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