What happens when a bunch of boudoir photographers get together in the desert and shoot each other? Magic. That’s what.

This year’s trip to Las Vegas for the photography conference was just perfection. I ended up spending the whole time with my best friends and favorite photographers. No drama. No competition. Everyone is so hard working and on the same page with our businesses. It’s so refreshing, and fulfilling to spend time with your equals in your profession. These girls are some of my favorite people in the entire world and I trust them with just about anything. When we decided to go shoot at the Lake Bed together I got so giddy. We have no expectations of each other, and are all totally comfortable naked/ nearly naked in front of each other. I knew it would be so fun!

I got in front of a few lenses, and I also got to shoot these 3 amazing ladies. Between everyone in ourĀ group, that was a serious amount of talent and passion. Absolutely ridiculously amazing.

Thanks girlies for such a fun time! I can’t wait to do this again soon!
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Here are some of the photos taken of me!

The first are from Kristina Hoksbergen of Owl and Otter in Australia. And the second is from Torrid Boudoir out of Austin!

plus size boudoir photo