I’m finally getting caught up on my blog posts! Mrs. P has been more than patient with me waiting for her photos to be posted. We did her elegant boudoir shoot this past summer and she was an absolute dream to work with!

She originally contacted me at her husband’s request, as he’d always wanted her to do a boudoir shoot. But she was also coming up on her 50th birthday. So after reading more about me, and why I love boudoir, she decided to do the shoot as a birthday gift for herself as well!

Mrs. P is an artist and has a fabulous southwestern/gypsy style so I knew we would be on the same page with everything we shot. We talked about art, what she has passions for, and absolutely connected. She had the warmest style and made my job so easy.

I love that she was ready to fully embrace her sexuality and let it all out. She was so confident and ready to love herself to the fullest. Attitudes like hers are why I love specializing in boudoir so much. Her elegant boudoir photos are some that I’ll love for years to come.

Mrs. P came in to choose the photos by herself and decided that there was no way she could get rid of any. She took them all home, and shared them with her husband, who was beside himself. She told me that he said it “wet his pallette for more”. Have you heard anything more sensual in your life!? I cannot wait to get her back in front of my lens for something new, including a boudoir video!!

Thank you so much Mrs. P for letting me share! See you soon! 😉