2018 was a crazy year for so many people, including myself. There have been a few downs, but many more ups, and I’m excited to keep going on this upward slope. Our Paskey Boudoir clients this year have been incredible, and Ms. N is the perfect last blog post of the year as she embodies everything I love about specializing in boudoir photography. Paskey Boudoir is ending 2018 with a bang! 

Ms. N booked her shoot by coming into the studio to meet me. She requested an in-person consultation so she could learn what to expect. She let me in on her reasoning for booking a shoot, and she absolutely pulled at my strong, feminist heart strings. Ms. N had recently gone through a fairly traumatic, unexpected breakup that tossed her into a new way of living… and thinking. She decided it was time to take life by the cahones and live life to the fullest (even more so than she normally did). She booked several of her bucket list vacations/experiences, and also booked this boudoir photoshoot just for herself.

Boudoir photos can absolutely be a type of therapy, as it was for Ms. N.  She did the photos for herself, to capture her strength and independence; and so she could always have something to look back on to remind herself how amazing she is. She came in completely open to the experience and it made the shoot that much more fun for the both of us. Ms. N only had two requests of me: 1. to have “Guess Girl” glamorous hair and makeup, and 2. to end the shoot in the shower with some candles around the tub. When I found out that she was going to be totally open-minded, I then made a request of her!-To do some yoga nudes!! She is an expert yogi, so of course I had to get it on film in my own way. The entire shoot was phenomenal, but the yoga nudes are by far my favorite. We kept them simple and focused on her incredible technique and form, which perfectly showcase her years of hard work.

Ms. N is a kind and old soul, but also a force to be reckoned with. She was definitely one of my favorite clients to date, and she fully understands the importance of taking care of yourself mentally and physically.

Thank you Ms. N for letting me share! I hope to see you in the studio again!

Hair and makeup by LaDonna Stein- website 

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