Ms. A’s views on body acceptance and experience in the art world were a perfect match for my own! She is absolutely stunning in her fine art nude boudoir photoshoot.

Fine Art Nude Boudoir | Ms. A

It’s no secret that I love lingerie – but first and foremost, I adore shooting the female figure. I’m sure if you traced my path to boudoir photographer, you’d have to start somewhere in fine art school; me as a student, hands covered in charcoal, sketching a nude model in a figure drawing class and developing my love and appreciation for shape and light. That’s why I was so excited to work with native New Zealander, Ms. A, who had prior experience as a fine art nude model herself.

One of my favorite aspects of boudoir is taking women of all shapes, sizes and ages, with no modeling experience, helping them embrace their femininity and sexuality, and watching them become stronger and more confident throughout our session. Ms. A was a different case entirely, and it was such an experience working with someone so inherently comfortable not hiding behind fabric. Although I did direct her quite a bit, she also posed the way she is comfortable, which I more than welcomed because she knows how her body moves. I got to step back to my roots and really enjoy capturing the female form the way I best know how.

Her confidence was evident, and we naturally got to talking about the differences between how Americans and Kiwis view nudity, in general. Ms. A’s body-positive views are inspiring: she sees her nude body as something to be proud of, not covered up; as beautiful and natural, as opposed to taboo – all sentiments I whole-heartedly believe in and strive to impart on all of my clients.

Thank you for a great experience, Ms. A!


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