I’m currently in the process of catching up on blog posts of past client sessions, so be prepared to see lots of amazing women on the blog in the next month or two! What better way to kick off the summer than to share photos from this ginger bombshell boudoir session?!

The same as many other women, Ms. C booked her shoot for herself as a major bucket list item, but also as a gift for her other half’s birthday. She was a little nervous coming in, but she was ready to go all out so the photos really showed her true personality, and I think we achieved just that. Ms. C is a bona-fide bad-ass, and boxes as part of her normal workout routine. I don’t normally allow props of any kind, but when I heard that she had true boxing gloves, and knew how to tape them up properly, I was all for it. We didn’t shoot a ton of these photos, as I didn’t want to take away from the rest of the shoot, but the boxing shots we did get were pretty damn perfect.

Throughout the shoot I also learned that Ms. C works very hard for her female coworkers to have an equal workplace, and equal pay. She supports her female counterparts and this made me even more excited to photograph her. You know we are all about supporting other women here at Paskey Boudoir! It’s a major reason why I specialize in boudoir! Ms. C was the perfect fit for a photo shoot here.

Ms. C’s sultry looks and amazingly gorgeous red hair made this such a fun shoot for me. I think LaDonna, our makeup artist, had a pretty fantastic time giving her this slightly vintage vibe too. I hope to see Ms. C in the studio again soon!

-Tamara Paskey-Alexander

Hair and makeup by LaDonna Stein