Ms. M booked her shoot with a fairly normal story about doing the shoot for herself and a gift for her husband. Little did I know she was going to be a feminist, badass mom, and tattooed glamour goddess. She was an absolute bombshell for her glamour boudoir shoot.

Badass Mom

LaDonna and I immediately fell in love with Ms. M’s personality and how fiercely she loves her kids. We had the best conversations and she told the best stories about sticking up for her little girl; teaching her how to be a strong, confident young woman. I just love the “take no shit” attitude she is passing on to her daughter. Talking to strong, feminine forces of nature like Ms. M fuels my passion for boudoir even moreso. And I’m so glad she’s taking part in creating another generation of strong women just like herself.

Glamour Boudoir Goddess

When Ms. M first came out of the dressing room in her pink bra and panty set, ready for me to help her into the iconic Catherine D’Lish robe, LaDonna and I saw all of the gorgeous tattoos she had hidden under her clothes while in hair and makeup. Her Magnolia flower tushy tattoos?! Yes please! She absolutely floored us when she was changed, and went right into that perfect “boudoir sass” mindset. As we started shooting Ms. M took my direction exactly, without fear, and absolutely nailed it. Her sultry faces and perfect hip pops were so fun to shoot! I think I must have called her a bombshell a million times.

It’s safe to say we had a wonderfully glam and fun shoot. She was able to move so seamlessly from outfit to outfit. I can’t wait to have Ms. M back in for another session! She was such a sultry vixen!

Thanks Ms. M!