“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson  Booking a boudoir shoot was pretty high on Ms. S’s bucket list and something she needed to do for herself as part of her journey learning to love herself 100%.

“I am my own person”

Ms. S is very happily married (I met her husband, and he is wonderful) but she told me about something that has bothered her for awhile. Her husband is fairly well known in his profession, so she would always be recognized by someone saying, “Oh, aren’t you Mr. S’s wife?”. Not a terrible thing of course, but a phrase that would nag at anyone over time and make you feel unimportant. She didn’t always want to be referred to as “Mr. S’s wife”, so she decided to do a few things just for herself, by herself. After meeting me, I think she knew she came to the right place. I want women to do this for themselves. Of course husbands/ partners can benefit, but ultimately, it should be just for you. This is another type of self care, and huge part of a self-growth journey. Boudoir truly can help you feel like you are confident, independent, and gorgeous, inside and out. Of course I’m not claiming to be like therapy, but choosing to step out of your comfort zone, and do something that makes you feel good about yourself can be life changing! Coming into the studio by yourself to do something as vulnerable as boudoir, can be so liberating.

I also want to touch on something that concerned Ms. S before booking me. She said she had contacted a few African-American glamour photographers in Dallas, but ultimately liked my work the best. But she was concerned about her dark skin possibly not photographing well. Of course there are women of all races and sizes in my gallery, but when you have concerns like this, it can be a difficult thought to get over. (As women, we’re all guilty of those self conscious thoughts, aren’t we?)This concern could also be equated to size, in instances where plus size women do ask me (even though I am also plus size) if I’ll be able to make them look good. The answer is yes… I can make your skin look beautiful. I can make your size look beautiful. I’ll make sure the lighting, hair and makeup, posing, and outfits are flattering to your unique look.

Ms. S’s cheeky attitude and giddy nerves made for an incredibly fun shoot, and even more fun when she got to see the end result. She definitely deserved to feel like a goddess.

Thank you so much Ms. S for letting me share!