Ms. R came in around Christmas to help her best friend pick out her boudoir photos. Ms. R decided to book her own shoot on the spot. She was a little nervous, but more excited than anything to do something like this for herself. (Keep scrolling to read Ms. R’s Google review!)

She booked the shoot for herself (of course) but also as an intimate gift for her husband! They ride Harley motorcycles together and he loves pinups, so we used both of those things to our advantage during this shoot. LaDonna and I were so excited when she saw that long luxurious red hair and knew that a vintage vibe would look incredible on her.

We talked for a while about outfits and tried a few things on, but after Ms. R said her husband loves it when she wears the black leather motorcycle chaps and nothing else, I jumped on that. Normally I start shoots with a light and fun outfit, but not this time! We dove right in and went for a “HOLY SHIT” reaction right off the bat. Ass-less chaps, and some sultry looks for the win!

Read what Ms. R had to say about her boudoir shoot experience:

“This was the most amazing experience of my life; I cannot say enough great things about Tamara or my experience!!

From the minute I walked in, she knew I was nervous (because who wouldn’t be, right?), but what I didn’t know was that within 5 minutes she would make me feel so incredibly comfortable. When you walk into her lingerie closet and she starts pulling things out that she KNOWS you will look beautiful in, do yourself a favor, DO NOT DOUBT HER!! And let’s just stop and talk about her closet for a minute, you will be blown away at all the choices, from lingerie to shoes to jewelry, she truly provides it all, unlike others that I researched. Her hair and makeup artist LaDonna is amazing too, when I looked in the mirror I was blown away.

Once you start your shoot with Tamara, she will guide you through the entire process. She will tell you how to pose, she will tell you how to look at the camera, she will tell you how to breath, she will tell you where to put your hands, she will tell you EVERTHING you need to do, and believe me you will look & feel amazing doing it!! I left the studio feeling like the sexiest woman ever, and why, because she showed me that I am!

When I returned to look at my pictures, I sat there in awe of them. She took all my insecurities and she made them disappear the exact moment that I saw my pictures!! Tamara’s work is extraordinary, you will not find another photographer that does the amazing work that she does. I started out with wanting this to be a gift for my husband, but what I didn’t know was that this would ultimately be a gift to myself. Thank you Tamara, you truly made me see myself in a whole new light!!!!” -Ms. R

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Thank you Ms. R for letting me share!!


Hair and makeup by LaDonna Stein