Can we say… dream client? Laid back, go with the flow, in touch with her femininity, and just downright cool. Mrs. A was such a sweetheart and so much fun to photograph. I’m pretty sure I mentioned at least 10 times that I’d be happy to photograph her every day.

“People ask why she loves sunsets if they mean everything has their end. But the color of the sun is what makes her happy. It reminds her that whatever happened the entire day, you can still get a beautiful thing in the end.” -Kriz Summer  I loved this quote for Mrs. A, as it fit her personality so well.

Mrs. A’s sun kissed skin and hair, and sultry eyes made for some gorgeous shots, if I may toot my own horn a little. Of course she chose my favorite outfits from the closet, but she also wanted to try out the turquoise Playful Promises jeweled set, and she completely rocked it. I’m so glad she was up for trying something a little different. We went from soft and sweet in the sheer embroidery dress, to a little more seductive, and ended up with absolutely amazing nudes at the end. The very last shot in this blog post of the black and white photo with her head turned away, might honestly be one of my favorites shots of the year.

We not only had a wonderful shoot, but we also had some great talks about vacation spots in Mexico and other tropical places, being business-owner boss women, and how our sexuality evolves as we get older. (Singing *”And these are a few of my favorite things”) I can’t wait to get Mrs. A back in for another shoot, hopefully next year, or maybe even for a couples boudoir shoot!

Thank you so much Mrs. A for a wonderful time and for letting me share these amazing photos!! You’re beautiful inside and out!


Boudoir Before & After Photos