A few months ago my local Kansas photography group asked me to teach at a little get together before I moved. I was definitely flattered that they wanted to learn from me! So I put together an outdoor glamour shoot with a styled model, who was actually a past client of mine. I wanted to teach them all how to pose and work with their female clients. It’s so important to me that my clients are comfortable and always photographed in a flattering light, and should be important to photographers of any other portrait genre. During our outing I showed them how to pose our model from head to toe, along with little tricks to get her body to relax and curve. 

By the end of the outing I was so impressed to hear some of the attendees get up close and personal, and connecting with our model. I really think I helped at least some of them feel more comfortable with women’s portraiture!

Here are some photos from our little workshop last week! We had so much fun and had a great turnout. Unfortunately we took the group photo after a bunch of people left, but I’m glad we got one of mostly everyone together!

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