I recently went on an amazing trip to Maui with my husband and I had to take the chance to shoot while I was there. A Maui waterfall outdoor boudoir photoshoot was more than necessary, so my type-A personality got to planning asap! I found this amazing farm off the Road to Hana and booked a spot for a local model and I to shoot at before they opened.

Part of my major overplanning included ordering a Lei Po’o (lei for your head) from Petite Blooms. I mean, when you’re in Hawaii, you have to go all out, right? **I may or may not have also used this Lei Po’o for my own little beach shoot the following day. Stay tuned for those photos!*

Maui absolutely transported us into another world. I think after being in Dallas for 4 years I’ve gotten used to how brown and flat everything is, and I’ve forgotten what true, fresh air smells like. The early morning drive to this waterfall was absolutely soul refreshing and what I needed. Breathing the clean air, driving around with the windows down just gave me the most perfect energy high. When we arrived at 6:30am we pulled up out front of the farm, quickly put some liner and lashes on Ms. F, and started our little hike! Ms. F is a true Maui local and heard the waterfall and kicked into high speed. She traversed a small cliff and went right down with ease. I was right behind her, but definitely not as gracefully. I was lucky I didn’t fall flat on my face or land on my heavy camera bag. But I made it!

When we arrived it was hard not to stand in awe of how quiet and beautiful it all was, but I knew the public would start coming in soon so we got right to work. Before our shoot I ordered us a gold and peach bikini, a gold body jewelry piece, a gold crown, and sequin dress. I wanted some low-key queen vibes to go along with this epic landscape. First we used the bikini and Lei, although we probably should have started with the gold jewelry top because people started to come way earlier than expected. But hey, with outdoor boudoir you work with whatever happens! Luckily I had some Keen waterproof sandals so I took my giant camera (very carefully), and waded into the water so we could move over to the side of the waterfall in our own private little nook. The hanging roots, and peeks of light make this cove magical and private. Lastly I wanted to end with our gold outfits in the trees with the most amazing golden morning light. I want all of my photo subjects, clients and models alike, to feel like goddesses, so this is what I wanted Ms. F to embody with the light streaming through her crown.

While I LOVE shooting everything in my studio in Dallas, sometimes it is so invigorating to get outside my comfort zone for a fun shoot like this. I love having to find the light, and go exploring for the neat little spots. Angles, streams of light, different heights can absolutely make or break photos like this, and it really makes my portrait photographer muscles flex. Once upon a time, at the start of my profession photography career in Kentucky 10 years ago, I used to shoot outside, often in streams and water. So this brought back so many amazing memories and reminded me of my fondness for outdoor boudoir. THIS BEING SAID…. I would really like to offer a women’s retreat to Maui, Vegas, or somewhere else where we can shoot both in the hotel or Air BnB, and outside. If you’re interested, please let me know via our private Facebook group “Paskey’s Boudies” or via email.

Maui was absolutely beautiful and reminded me to take some deep breaths and reconnect with nature a bit. It’s something we all need to do. I’ll be going back sooner rather than later, without question.

“She is a force of nature- At her core, all the wildness of the universe.” -John Mark Green


Model: Farstar0 on IG

Lei Po’o: Petitie Blooms on IG