I recently went to Las Vegas for an annual photography trip with a bunch of other boudoir photographers. While I was there, I took an amazing dudoir photography workshop!

Jen Swedhin, owner of Men by Jen in Denver (www.jenswedhinphotography.com), is one of my best friends and the leader in intimate men’s portraits. She encouraged me to attend and I thought, why not?! If I’m going to learn this from someone, it should be her! She’s creating her own niche in the photography community and doing it so, so well.

I’ve tinkered with the idea off offering dudoir (or dudeoir, boudoir for men, however you want to say it) in the past, but was never completely comfortable with it. Jen really simplified the whole thing for me, and went into all the weird, uncomfortable details until I had no more questions about any of it. We covered how to keep a man masculine looking and not default to the normal “Pop your booty, and curve your hip”. We learned what to do with posing and lighting. We learned about all the interesting questions men ask. And we even learned about penises! Yep, you read right. Weren’t you thinking it too? In the end, I’ll treat my men a lot like my female clients! They will follow my direction to reach the same end goal of creating amazing images. Men’s bodies are just bodies to me now! Just like women’s bodies don’t phase me at all. We will create sexy, but tasteful images!

I definitely think this is something I’m going to start offering at the studio. It was a lot of fun, and a lot simpler than I had made it up to be in my head. I’d love to have all my female clients send their husband’s and boyfriends in for me to shoot them!


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