Bodacious babe, fierce feminist, vintage vixen… Ms. M is her own brand of amazing. I loved every second of watching hair and makeup, spending time with, and photographing what I like to call modern day Marilyn Monroe boudoir.

A woman comfortable in her own skin, and totally in control of her feminine wiles, is a force to be reckoned with. I’d imagine she’s a bit of a heartbreaker. Ms. M is friends with several women I’ve photographed before and she had been thinking about doing a shoot for herself for quite a while. After some small life changes she finally had some time to do this for herself, and I’m so glad she did. While LaDonna Stein, our makeup artist, had her way with Ms. M’s beautiful features, we chatted a ton about travel, our mutual acquaintances, and so much more. We originally discussed using Ms. M’s long wig for some of the photos, but when LaDonna was finished with her hair, Ms. M quickly changed her mind and loved her fluffy little curls.

While I was going through the studio closet to choose her outfits, Ms. M made a request to use our Catherine D’Lish feather robe, and I was happy to oblige. Since I knew she had a little flair for vintage vibes I also pulled a few things, like the light pink chemise and pearls, that I thought she might like. (check out a sneak peek into the closet HERE) She also wanted to use a fur stole that has been in the family for a while… another piece I loved photographing.

So many women, including myself, are nervous at the beginning of their photoshoots, so I don’t often get clients in the studio who immediately prance gracefully, in 5 inch heels, over to their first photo set and say “READY!” like Ms. M did. She had the most jaw-dropping sultry looks, and magically wonderful booty-popping capabilities. (you’ll find out when you have your own shoot that the “booty pop” is a very important part of boudoir posing) She made my job so easy, and it was such a fun time.

Thank you Ms. M for letting me share! You’re the sweetest!