Mrs. A came in to do a shoot for herself, but also a little added benefit of an anniversary gift! She worked really hard everyday, wore a uniform to work, took care of her family, and didn’t get to feel like her feminine, amazing self often enough. We got to change that for a day! Here’s a peek into her gorgeous anonymous boudoir photoshoot.

Anonymous Boudoir | Mrs. A

This shoot was for her to step out of her comfort zone and do something that she could look back on in 10 years and smile. She was up for anything I threw at her and absolutely rocked her shoot. I loved her sultry flirty looks that came so naturally to her after the first few minutes of warming up.

We had such a blast. Thank you Mrs. A!!

We chose to keep her photos anonymous because of her job, but we get to see a little peek into her amazing shoot!

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