Mrs. L was the VERY LAST client to be photographed in the Kansas City studio. I didn’t plan on taking any more clients past the end of March, but I just couldn’t help but open up more dates. Mrs. L’s husband had been watching my page for a few weeks and thought they had missed me. But the second I opened up 2 more spots for April he called me and made sure to get his wife in to see me before I left. It was so incredibly flattering that they both loved my work so much that they waited to shoot with me, instead of go with another photographer. (it definitely gives me warm fuzzies) When Mr. L and I talked on the phone, he went on and on about how much he loved his wife and how he wanted to see her do something like this, not only for his viewing pleasure (hehe) but for her self confidence. He felt like she really deserved to feel beautiful. I just love it when husband’s are so attentive and supportive. 

When Mrs. L and I got around to our shoot, she was quiet and a little nervous, but after no more than 5 minutes, she opened right up and rocked her session. I could ask for better expressions and prettier, more genuine smiles. 🙂 This is one of my favorite shoots this year, if you can’t tell by all the photos. We definitely made sure the last shoot went out with a bang!

Mr. and Mrs. L came together for the photo viewing/ ordering session so they could see the photos for the first time together. As expected, they had a hard time narrowing down the photos. They’re all just gorgeous! I was so great hearing him say “God, you’re gorgeous.” through a big grin on his face.

Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. L for a great time. I’m glad you found me! Come see me in Texas some time! 😉


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