In December I had the opportunity to have a promotional behind the scenes video made by Bear Hands Media, with testimonials from some of my absolute favorite clients! I’m thrilled to share the finished product with all of you so you can see what a shoot at Paskey Boudoir is like! We are a girl power, body positive, empowering photography studio, run by a woman, for women.

The biggest concern I come across, from women interested in booking is “Will I be comfortable enough to walk around the studio only in my underwear?”. Well, the short answer is… YES! I photograph women from all walks of life almost every day. I’ve seen every body type there is to see, and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know so many different types of women in the process. I pride myself in know how to make women comfortable, because I’ve been in their shoes too! I’ve done my own shoots, and know all the concerns we all have.

Your only job in this process is to show up, and have a little faith in me. You don’t have to stress about shopping, you don’t need to worry about looking sexy or coming up with your own poses. That is my job! I will help you with everything from outfits, poses, editing, and more.

Please watch the videos (yes, both of them) to see what it’s like during a shoot at Paskey Boudoir photography studio in Dallas!

I also need to shout out to my amazing team, which included 4 of our real life past clients. These women all booked originally with the plan of keeping their photos private, and only doing the shoot for themselves (or a gift to a husband), but they loved their experiences so much that they wanted to share with everyone! Each of the 4 past clients said if they can convince other women to do a shoot for themselves, they would absolutely love to help spread the word in any way they can. Thank you SO SO much Mrs. P, Ms. S, Ms. K, and Mrs. J. You’re all amazing!

Hair and Makeup Artist: LaDonna Stein

Models: Rosie Lipps & Mrs. P

Videography & Editing: Bear Hands Media

Thanks everyone!

Love, Tamara Paskey-Alexander

Paskey Boudoir- Dallas Photography Studio from Paskey Boudoir on Vimeo.

Paskey Boudoir Testimonials from Paskey Boudoir on Vimeo.


Behind the Scenes Photos provided by Bear Hands Media