Soft and romantic isn’t your thing? Have you wanted to push the envelope a little with your boudoir photos? Have you done a shoot already and want to add something a little darker and kinkier? Well, I am so excited to be offering new kink boudoir photoshoots!

Photographing hundreds of women, I’ve gotten to hear all about a variety of different preferences and secret desires in the bedroom. I am so surprised to see so many women that either already practice a little bit of fetish play at home – or would love to try it! Paskey Boudoir is a safe place to jump into kink boudoir photoshoots feet first!

Kink Boudoir Photoshoots

There are so many different types of fetish and kink that it is hard to narrow down what photographs well. However, for boudoir purposes, we are now offering kink shoots that focus on things like domination, S&M, and bondage. These shoots will never cross the line into sexual acts, but will definitely get your mind wandering about what could be!

These shoots are a safe place to venture into something new, but we will never push you out of your comfort zone. Disclaimer (we’re about to get a little graphic here): *fetishes involving bodily fluids, dangerous situations, weapons, non-consent, or degradation will NOT be accepted. This is not at all a judgement on your preferences, but meant to ensure a comfortable environment for the photographer and the client, as well as keeping physical liability to a minimum.

As with all boudoir shoots, Tamara maintains final creative control over kink sessions.

Mistress Will See You Now

Before your shoot, we will discuss your desires, goals, and boundaries for your kink boudoir session. As your photographer, it is my priority to help you reach those desires and goals, while ensuring your comfort and respecting your boundaries. In order for your shoot to be successful, as my client, I ask that you also respect my boundaries as your photographer.

I have many lingerie outfits, and some kink-type accessories to borrow from the wardrobe for your shoot. However, because there is such a wide variety of preferences with fetish aids, you are welcome to bring your own things from home after discussing them with Tamara. We have masks, cuffs, candles, ties, riding crops, etc. for you to borrow!

Contact us here to chat about your vision, pricing, and more!