This is only our second Nighttime Candle Photoshoot shared on the blog, but might be one of my favorite shoots to date. The warm tones, dark shadows, and sultry facial expressions give me all the feels in my dark boudoir heart. I love the witchy vibes, and simple lighting of them. Ms. O had the best dark style too, so I knew we were going to be on the same page style wise.

She wears strength and darkness equally well. The girl has always been half goddess, half hell. -Nikita Gill

Nighttime Candle Photoshoot

For this shoot we decided on 2 looks – one simple black Agent Provocateur set, and the other with a full Eyes Wide Shut feel. I hadn’t used my antique feather mask in ages, and I was excited when it looked so fantastic on Ms. O. We completed the look with lace gloves, a baroque inspired Dita Von Teese lingerie set, and rhinestone necklace. I love using masks like this when I want a mysterious, intriguing quality in the photos. Timeless, vintage glam is the best way to go when it’s a darkly lit shoot like this. Ms. O will be able to look back on these photos in 30 years and feel like they are still in style and gorgeous.

Worship Me

When I decided to surround her with the candles, the second it was finished I had an epiphany for the blog post name: Worship Me! She looked so confident, commanding desire, and in control of her feminine prowess. I love that feeling of her being a goddess, so “Worship Me” is absolutely accurate.

We end up with entirely too much wax spilled on the floor, but the end result is more than worth it. I love playing in the dark in the studio and creating a totally different look than we normally see in boudoir. If you want your own sultry, candle light shoot like this, contact us here!