Our new black, v-neck t-shirts are in! Buy yours through the link below! You can choose to have yours shipped or picked up at the studio. Our designs are either “WATCH HER CONQUER” or “SELF LOVE-I’m about that life”. We are all about girl power here at the Paskey Boudoir studio.

I’ve been asked a ton of times in the past by clients if I sell t-shirts, but I never found a design or company that would produce something that I thought women would actually like to wear. But recently I came across Rebel Riot Printing in Dallas and knew they could create something perfect for my clients. Any time I can use a local company, I will. Supporting local businesses is so important!

These t-shirts are all black, v-neck, with normal women’s fitting…. meaning they have a slight nip in at the waist. If you are in-between sizes, size up just in case. LaDonna chose to take home a Self Love t-shirt in a size small though, because she wanted it to be very fitted and a bit busty. I chose a 3X for myself because I wanted it to be slightly loose at the bottom so I can wear it with jeans.

ORDER YOURS HERE- https://squareup.com/store/paskey-boudoir  

**Please note that you can choose the drop-down option of shipping or to pickup at the studio.

When you get yours in, make sure you tag us on social media!!