Thanks to the ladies on Instagram who helped me decide on how to split up my many, many images from a recent trip to Iceland. This is Part I out of 4. So, make sure you stay tuned over the next two weeks to see the amazing places I got to photograph. I promise, you don’t want to miss them!

To kick off my mini series of outdoor nudes, we have the gorgeous waterfalls of Iceland. And just a little FYI… these photos are the first in the series because these are my least favorites out of the photos I narrowed down, (but of course I still love these), if that tells you anything about how incredibly beautiful Iceland is.

Earlier in the year I saw that Corwin Prescott, a landscape nude and erotic photographer out of Portland, was offering another “Arctic Nude” workshop in Iceland. He has hosted 3 before, and the images all completely blew me away. Before I committed to this huge expense, and 8 days in another country with total strangers, I watched a lot of Corwin’s Instagram story videos, and followed all of the models that would be attending. Everyone seemed like my kind of people. Very kind, open, and artistic. So I pulled the trigger and booked it before it sold out. I hadn’t done a big photography trip in a long time and I was ready for something to totally tip me on my head. I was prepared to go by myself, but thought it would be more fun with a friend, so I invited my inner circle/ best boudoir photographer friends, and luckily Julie Socher of Julie Socher Boudoir in Washington D.C. said she’d join me. We roomed together earlier this year in Mexico so I knew we would have an amazing time together.

Fast forward to September (last month) when I arrived in Reykjavik. Julie and I went to the Blue Lagoon spa and enjoyed some amazing spa treatments and swam in the incredible hot, blue waters before we met our group later that night. The next morning, after about a 6 hour drive from Reykjavík, we made it to Höfn, where we would stay for 4 nights. Along the way we made a quick stop at an enormous waterfall named Skógafoss. This my was first major “WOW” moment. It was packed with tourists but the sheer size of it made the people seem so tiny. I knew I was going to love the rest of our trip.

The waterfall featured in these photos was our very first morning shooting in Höfn. It was un-named and back on an un-marked road, which made it perfect for our group. One of the major suggestions that Corwin, and his wife/ main model Nicole gave us was to bring waterproof EVERYTHING. I found out why immediately after stepping out of our van. The wind was intense, with sideways rain, and the most mist I’ve possibly ever seen in my life. Luckily I brought a waterproof camera cover, and 3 lens wipes in my pockets, a rain jacket, rain pants, and wellies that morning, because I certainly used them all. I had to learn quickly to get the shot, and immediately point my lens to the ground to avoid getting it completely soaked. Even so, I still had to wipe it off constantly. At least 1/2 of my shots were unusable from blurriness caused by the mist on the lens. They threw us right into the true spirit of photographing Iceland in its truest form!

The second location in the water (in the photos below) is a completely separate area, on a little peninsula right off a major road. Here we learned first hand about avoiding, and dealing with tourists trying to watch. We had to keep an eye out for each other, and I had to yell at a guy for trying to look over at the other photographers shooting. The models were so amazing and patient. They were patient with us waiting in-between tourists, and patient with us while we tried to get our shots while they froze in the water. They are truly incredible women.

I won’t giveaway too much yet though, I have SO much more to share with you all. Including my WHY- the entire reason I wanted to go on this trip. I grew immensely on this trip and can’t wait to share with you all. ‘

So check back on social media, or here on the blog in a few days!!


Models: Nicole Vaunt, Icelandic Selkie, SayHelloJess, Lillias Right, and Alice X

**Pro tip- check my Instagram “Travel” story highlights to see some behind the scenes.