It is still so surprising to me when a client comes in and has no idea how beautiful she is. Ms. B’s boyfriend gave her a push to do a boudoir session for her own birthday so she could see herself the way he sees her. I’m so glad she did her research and decided to come to me because we had an absolutely magical shoot.

When Ms. B came into the studio and sat down in the makeup chair, I knew immediately that I’d love her personality. She was the sweetest, giddiest, most genuine, loveliest thing. She told us about her self-love struggles of seeing herself the way her boyfriend (and others) see her. So I took that as “challenge accepted”. We also found out that Ms. B was friends and acquaintances with several of my past clients in the local pole/ burlesque performer world. Ms. B teaches pole fitness classes and advanced flexibility techniques. I, of course, had to use that knowledge to my advantage, and was blown away by how easily she went into every pose I asked of her.

We had so much fun during the shoot. But my favorite time together was going through her finished photos at the studio the following week. She kept squealing out of excitement and then eventually ended in tears (good tears of course). It made my month, not just my day, to see her react that way. She’s a wonderful person and deserves to feel that amazing every day.

Read Ms. B’s Google Review: “Tamara is absolutely amazing. Everything about my experience from beginning to end was downright magical. I walked in fairly nervous about the whole thing, feeling like I’m just not a girl who will look great in these sorts of pictures (probably didn’t help that I had bed hair and yoga pants on baha!). Immediately LaDonna got to work making me look like an absolute queen, and Tamara picked out all the right outfits for me. The actual shooting process is completely stress free and super fun! Tamara is a master at lighting, colors, and posing. You don’t need to worry about a thing, just show up and let the pros show you how gorgeous you are. Coming back to view and pick photos was emotional, as I literally never knew I could look so pretty. Well, now I know 😉 This was one of the best experiences of my life!” -Ms. B

Thank you for letting me share Ms. B!


Hair and makeup by LaDonna Stein