“It’s easy to forget how feminine and beautiful I am, and it was time to remind myself through photos.”  Boudoir photography is the perfect way to get back in touch with your confident, feminine self.

Mrs. K booked her shoot last year as a gift for herself and for her husband, and was giddy to do this after being on the fence about it for so long. She had looked into doing a shoot years ago, but never felt ready until now! She has 2 beautiful adult daughters, and a husband that adores her. So she is easily wrapped up in taking care of them, but it was time to do something for herself that would showcase her amazing, sassy, chin-up attitude.

A week or so after the shoot, Mrs. K brought one of her daughters with her to help pick out the photos, and I just loved their dynamic. They were more like best friends than mother and daughter. It was so beautiful to see Mrs. K talk to her daughter in a way that empowered her and showed her that it was absolutely necessary to do things for yourself that make you feel beautiful. They never said a negative word and were so positive and excited. I think all moms should be this way with their kids! Girl power!

After her ordering session, Mrs. K kept in touch with me and made such an effort to let me know how much she loved the experience and the photos. It made me well up with tears on more than one occasion. Just recently after telling her I was ready to post her photos she said “It was such a fun and empowering day. I still can’t believe those pictures are me, and R (husband) loves them. Thank you again and again.”

Thank you Mrs. K for being such a wonderful, sweet woman!