I don’t often give husbands credit, but I absolutely will this time. Mrs. C’s husband knew that she was interested in doing a boudoir shoot for herself for a while, so he decided that her birthday was a good a time as any to make it happen. He did a lot of research, and got in touch with me so he could give her a gift certificate at her birthday dinner. 

He said he knew we would get along great and that our styles were right in line with each other. He was right! Mrs. C is absolutely my soul sister with all things quirky, girly, and weird! I never know what to expect when a husband books with me, but Mrs. C was the most delightful surprise to come in my studio. We immediately bonded over her perfectly colored hair and sparkly rose gold nails, and then bonded over some stories of massive weightloss. She is at her healthiest weight and has worked so hard to get here. I’m so glad she wanted to celebrate her body and femininity with a shoot like this.

LaDonna also swooned over our outfit choices and being able to work her vintage magic with an old Hollywood wave in the hair, and sultry cat eyeliner. I pulled a bunch of fun outfits out of the closet, but I saw Mrs. C eyeballing the fluffy pink Catherine D’Lish robe. I asked “Do you want to try this one?” She screamed “Hell yes!! That’s glam AF!! I’ll be a princess!” (one of the many reasons why I love her)

Mrs. C came in a few weeks after her shoot to pick out her photos. After maybe 5 minutes, they looked at each other and said “Well, I guess we know what’s about to happen!”. They easily made the decision to take all of her images home in the form of a mobile app, flash drive, video, and 10×10 album. Our timing worked out perfectly, because her finished album arrived right before a Paskey’s Boudies girls’ pool day we had in August. In-between White Claws, dancing to Lizzo, and floating around on a rose gold flamingo floaty, she grabbed her album and looked through it with the rest of the girls looking over her shoulder. It was the best day, and Mrs. C had a huge part in it.

In my limited amount of words here, I can’t truly express how grateful I am that Mrs. C came in for a shoot with me.

Thank you for letting me share Mrs. C!