Couples Boudoir is one of my favorite things in the world. The hopeless romantic in me loves seeing the chemistry between two people in love. Sabra & Jamesin are a couple I’ve followed through mutual friends, and social media for quite a while,  so when we finally set up our shoot together I was beyond excited.

On occasion I get emails asking if I photograph same-sex couples boudoir. Yes! I absolutely do! I understand the question though. Sometimes it’s hard to see certain types of people in my galleries because I don’t get model releases from all of my clients (you always have the option of keeping your photos private). I’m so happy to be able to include these two babes in my portfolio now.

When we were setting up our session I wanted to plan so it would suit their personalities the best. I knew that Jamesin normally dressed with a little bit of a vintage vibe, so I requested that she bring some suspenders, a newsboy hat, and a tie. She obliged, but went above and beyond by bringing the most perfectly put-together outfit complete with argyle socks. Sabra and I went through the closet together and originally were going to shoot a floral, light colored dress. But when she saw this deep burgundy dress she swooned over it bit. It was 2 sizes too big on her so we used some bobby pins to tie it back and make it look like it fits perfectly. Do they not look so adorably cute together?!

It can be hard for anyone to get in front of a camera and immediately get into the groove, which is exactly why it’s my job to pose you and your partner from head to toe, and get you comfortable enough to truly let your chemistry and passion for each other shine. Getting lips really close to each other, and taking a big deep breath in at the same time can be the most sensual, amazing way to capture that, without going over the line, or just simply kissing…. I don’t love getting lipstick everywhere, and keeping the couple on the edge a bit makes the shoot that much more fun.

For the second half of our shoot, I HAD to use our brand new clawfoot bathtub. I wanted it to be simple, so a cute white bodysuit for Sabra, and white undees for Jamesin fit the vision perfectly. They fit together like puzzle pieces and I’m in love with these bathtub photos. Their intertwined limbs are what couples boudoir dreams are made of.

Thank you Sabra & Jamesin for a fantastic shoot! And thank you for letting me share!


Models: Sabra Johnsin and Jamesin B-Twixt