Mrs. R came back for her second shoot with me. This time, to give her husband-to-be a memorable groom’s gift on the day of their wedding. I’m obviously a little biased, but I think this is the best wedding gift… much better than a watch. Making his jaw drop before the wedding while seeing the photos, and then again when he sees you in your dress will make the day that much more memorable.

Mrs. R is one of my favorite clients ever. I know this might not be fair to say, but we connected so much during our first shoot, and even moreso during her second shoot. The first shoot she was a bit nervous, as are most people, and told me she isn’t very photogenic. I’m so grateful she allowed to me to show her how I see her through my lens. I definitely changed her mind! She gushed over how she wasn’t expecting to feel as comfortable as she was. This is one of the many reasons I love boudoir and couldn’t imagine shooting anything else. For this shoot she let me shoot exactly what I wanted and the photos turned out absolutely incredible. Her confidence and sensual looks make her photos just over-the-top amazing.

This is what Mrs. R had to say about her experience this time around- “This was my second time shooting with Tamara. The first time was a gift for my boyfriend about a year ago. I’m not saying it was the pictures, but a month later we were engaged 😉 All jokes aside, if you’ve been thinking about shooting boudoir, STOP and book with Tamara ASAP! In my opinion, there is no one better! Shout out to the ultra talented Ladonna Stein too for her amazing makeup artistry. These ladies are incredible, and will make you look (and feel) like a goddess!
Tamara makes you feel so comfortable (let’s get real….hard to do when you are half naked with someone you just met, but she pulls it off like the pro she is!) As much as a enjoyed giving the pictures to my man, I enjoyed them just as much as a gift to myself. Cross this off your bucket list, ladies. You deserve it!” -Mrs. R

Please note* the green set has changed and we no longer have the hanging basket chair. We now have a larger wicker chair, a wood wall with draped lights, and a clawfoot bathtub in that area of the studio. You can see some of the updated photos here.

Thank you for letting me share Mrs R!


Hair and makeup by LaDonna Stein