Announcing the new “Face of Paskey Boudoir!”. Ms M. and I met through my 2013 representative… who just so happened to also be a Ms. M.. We worked together a few weeks ago on a model call right when I moved into the new studio and immediately clicked. She has an amazing understanding of how important it is to feel beautiful, strong, and feminine. But she also understands the self conscious feelings we all have. 

Ms. M is a fitness guru and works so hard on being the strongest, healthiest she can be. Her hard work has definitely paid off. We had an amazing shoot together, not just because we ended up with beautiful photos, but because she left feeling good about herself, and I ended the shoot feeling really inspired and creative. It’s a perfect pairing!!

It was hard deciding on who would be the best fit as my representative for the year. I got so many great entries from some beautiful, amazing women. But I’m so glad I chose Ms. M though because right when we finished the shoot, she wanted to shout from the rooftops about how fun her experience was and how beautiful she felt. I love it when women are proud of themselves for taking the leap and doing a boudoir shoot.

Stay tuned for more shoots with her in the future! If you run in to Ms. M, or know her in everyday life, ask her for a referral card!

Hair and makeup by Jordanne Campos

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