I’ve photographed Ms. A before on a previous trip to Las Vegas, but this time around, I knew I had to get her and her boyfriend together in front of my camera. They make such a fantastic couple and have the best chemistry. They made this Vegas couples boudoir shoot such a blast!

Vegas Couples Boudoir

More and more lately I’ve been able to shoot things that put me a bit out of my comfort zone and it boosts my creativity so much. Couples boudoir does not put me out of my comfort zone at all, on the contrary actually, it’s one of my favorite things to shoot. But shooting at night with only the available light from the hotel room, and a single LED light that I packed in my suitcase definitely was. It was so much fun getting to capture their passion for each other, while also finding the best light for them. The living room of the hotel had such a 70’s vibe with all of the gold, yellow, and brass tones that it surprisingly looked amazing in the photos.

I am just head over heels smitten with the way these turned out. LaDonna, our makeup artist, and my best friend Elizabeth, who is also a boudoir photographer in Austin (Torrid Boudoir) were there during the shoot and it made it 10 times more fun. It was the best, most positive vibe, and I think it absolutely contributed to the photos turning out so well. I have to admit, my tribe is pretty wonderful!

Thank you Ms. A and Mr. A for being so open and amazing! You make a fantastic couple!