They say you have to walk the walk to be able to talk the talk right? Well, it was time for me to get back in front of the camera for once, and what better place for my photoshoot than on the beach in Maui?

This was on a personal trip that my husband and I took around 3-4 weeks ago. I still had this gorgeous Lei Po’o (head lei) by Petite Blooms in the refrigerator from my shoot the previous day with a Maui local woman at a waterfall. (See the shoot HERE) I decided to throw the Lei on along with my favorite teal bathing suit, and a little eyeliner, and out to the beach we went! We were lucky enough to have this amazing beach within steps from our Air BnB, and let me tell you, it was perfection. The water was the perfect shade of turquoise, and you could even see the occasional sea turtle swimming by!

I volunteered my husband, Jon, to take these photos of me and he happily obliged. I set the camera up for him, and reminded him how to watch out for where the focal points are. Luckily I know all of my own poses because he sure wasn’t any help. It gave me a little insight into what I shoot might be like with a photographer that doesn’t direct their clients. (Eeesh!) All I got from Jon was silence then him yelling “Do something else!”. Oh bless his heart. All things considered he did a pretty fantastic job. He made sure the photos were in focus and he watched his composition as best he could. I’m proud of him for remembering his past photography lessons from me!

This trip made me fall in love with Maui. So much so that Jon and I have talked about retiring there (retiring at 40 is ok right?), and after only 3.5 weeks I’ve already booked a house for a women’s retreat at the end of January. The details will be offered to VIP clients first, but then will be released to the Paskey’s Boudies private Facebook group, then the public. Keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested!