In an effort to catch up on some blog posts that have been in the queue for at least 6 months here is a gorgeous lady (inside and out) that I got the pleasure of photographing last year. I just got permission to share her photos recently and I am over the moon. “What a Betty- Vintage Boudoir Photos”

When Ms. P was sitting in the hair and makeup chair she told LaDonna and I that she likes vintage styles and her husband loves pinups. We all looked at each other in excitement and knew what we needed to do! Some big rhinestones, vintage styled lingerie, a perfect cat eyeliner, and Marylin-esque hair make for a look that perfectly suits her. Those ringlet curls are to die for! I pulled some of my favorite classic lingerie from the studio closet, including a black lace basque from Gossard, and a navy floral robe from Playful Promises. They definitely completed the look.

Ms. P is part of a group of women that all work together and have all come in to see me for a shoot. When the first one came in, the word spread about how fun the experience was and then the rest of the women booked. I’m still so unbelievably flattered that they all trust me to take their photos. I also love that they are the most fun, genuine, and sweet women too. I got pretty lucky!

When Ms. P came back in about 2 weeks after her shoot to choose her photos, she brought her friend, Ms. M (that I’ll also be sharing on the blog soon) to help her decide on the best images to give her husband for Christmas. Ms. P was worried about her how her butt and legs would look throughout the shoot, but after seeing them during her ordering session she kept squealing “Oh… OH! I look good!!”. She has since changed her mind about her butt after seeing it from my perspective.

Thanks so much Ms. P for being so much fun, and for sending your friends my way!


Hair and makeup by LaDonna Stein