My news feed on Facebook has been non-stop posts about body shaming, the new Cacique lingerie campaign, “Strong is the new skinny”, “Real women have curves”, and any other version of these you could possibly imagine. I feel like I should have chimed in about all this a long time ago about why one is wrong and another is right, but I’ll be completely real with everyone… I DON’T CARE. Want to know why? I’ve photographed women of all shapes and sizes, and I’ve had friendships with all sorts of women. Guess what all of them have in common physically? NOTHING. Yeah, you read correctly. They’re all different. We can’t all be lumped into “skinny” or “curvy” or “thigh gap”. My clients’ size has nothing to do with how much fun we have and how I interact with them.

Honestly, I don’t want to create a discussion about this. I just want to simply suggest we stop reacting so harshly and emotionally to these articles and lingerie campaigns. No one is making you be a part of either the pro-skinny group or pro-curvy group. Lets all just realize we are shaped differently, and our size has no bearing on our success or ability to have loving, healthy relationships. We have more to offer than just the shape of our body.

I’m going to leave these photos here from the Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body” campaign, and the new Cacique “I’m No Angel” campaign. Instead of feeling like you need to belong to one group or another, or feeling like you need to shun one, and support the other, try stopping yourself and ask “Who gives a shit?!”. If someone is really bothered by your weight or if your body is not their idea of perfect, they probably have issues of their own that they need to work through. If “fat” or “too skinny” are the worst insults people can come up with for you, you’re probably doing pretty well.  😉

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